6 Awesome Walking Websites Your Dog Needs for New Adventures

Dog in a backpack ready for walking adventures

Ever get tired of circling the same park every day with your dog? These websites are your answer to finding exciting new places in your area to explore together. Treat your dog to some brand-new sniffs and yourself to a refreshing change of scene!

Whether you’re looking for local jaunts or more far-flung walking adventures, have a dig around our favourite sites below.

Local walking

Walkiees is perfect for discovering local trails. Anyone can upload their favourite walking routes in their area and there are hundreds across the website. Simply enter your home town and walks within your county will appear ready for you to try out, often complete with photos and descriptions of what the route might have offer (think statues, lakes, picnic areas, cafes).

This website is great for walks in your immediate area or you can also search by driving route (perfect for stops on long journeys with pent-up canine passengers). There are over 2000 walks listed here!

You can also view all available walks on an online map so you can easily work out how close they are.

To narrow things down, you’re able to choose routes with specific amenities such as dog friendly pubs and beaches, disabled access, free parking, children’s activities and WCs.

This is a great option for finding new routes at home or up to 20 miles away.

Lots of us know and love Borrow My Doggy as one of the best ways to connect with other dogs, allowing people to take dogs for walks without the commitment of owning one full-time. To inspire people to take new four-legged friends out to great places within their city, Borrow My Doggy has put together local walks for 21 counties, as well as some information on dog friendly beaches.

We love this idea as borrowers might not be familiar with lesser-known local routes in your area without having their own dog to walk every day. You can use this gem of a website to gain inspiration for your walking routine or make another dog’s day by taking them out for a few hours!

Dog running through a field of daffodils

Make the drive to somewhere amazing

The National Trust is always an interesting day out for dogs with plenty of woodland, grassland and pathways to explore. Humans can often peek inside historical buildings as well, and there’s always a tearoom to rest tired paws.

These great sites can sometimes involve more of a drive, but the stunning gardens and architecture are worth the journey - all their beautiful places are listed by region and county on their website. At Basildon Park there’s even a jar of complimentary dog biscuits to feed your dog in the tearooms - who could say no to that?

For humans and dogs who love forest trails, this website could be your new go-to guide. The Woodland Trust has nearly 1000 dog-friendly woods across the UK that are perfect for walks with your four-legged friend. They also help you plan your trail, give you a little history and information about species of birds and animals in each area.

Why not visit Bitholmes in South Yorkshire and introduce your dog to the stone dragon statue? Or the WW1 Centenary Woods in Northern Ireland, home to the rare purple hairstreak butterfly? Or you could head to Glen Finglas to learn about whisky smugglers. With so much to discover, these woods sound amazing to explore.

Journey to glimpse some of the breath-taking landscapes on the 16 National Trails, which are great for a short family walk or a more challenging hike. Clicking on one of these trails will give you information and the latest news about each one.

One of these trails includes the South West Coast Path in Devon which we’ll be strolling along for the Great Dog Walk Together next month on Saturday November 24th. If you’d like to join us to meet some fellow dog-lovers and to let your dog snaffle some treats from Forthglade Natural Pet Food, head over to the Facebook event page to find out more or keep an eye out for information in our newsletter, we’d love to see you there!

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