Poppy & Rufus

Waxed Cotton Dog Walking Bag


Finally, a walking bag you’ll adore! For a bag you take on every dog walk, you’ve got to love it!

Two back pockets (one on Lulu) are just right for your phone giving you one-handed easy access.

Our Dog Walking Bags, Coco and Lulu are just so darling! Allowing you quick, easy access with only one hand whilst holding a lead in the other, Coco and Lulu sit comfortably against your side, whether carrying basic essentials or full water bottles and more.

Front and back pockets designed specifically with walking essentials in mind let you keep Coco and Lulu fully stocked and ready to go whatever the weather.

Coco is big sister to the smaller Lulu, for days when you don't need as much with you. Lulu is equally chic and clever.

Both Coco and Lulu are made from a showerproof, waxed cotton outer fabric for all weather walking. Their interior is fully lined in our bespoke Little Rufus' fabric.

The pocket linings pull inside-out for easy cleaning and removal of crumbs.

A fine, leather strap detaches from the bag for cleaning and even doubles up as an extra lead - you never know when you may need one!.

Made in Somerset, England exclusively for Poppy & Rufus.

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