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Stress & Anxiety Comfort Dog Balm | Natural Calming Stress Relief For Dogs


Our Stress & Anxiety Comfort Dog Balm take natural steps towards stress relief to help alleviate anxiety and soothe a tired or reactive dog. Our effective soothing massage balm is safe and gentle for the whole body, created with a blend of essential oils that can help relax and comfort anxiety in dogs whilst moisturising paws and coat.

The gentle aroma of vanilla, coconut, valerian and ginger essential Oils, Which emit calming properties proven to assist easing signs of anxiety.


Good for:
· Loud noises
· Car trips
· Settling at night
· Reactive dogs
· Puppies
· Separation anxiety

How To Use:
Introduce Comfort Balm to your dog in a quiet calm way. Allow him to sniff the tin and become familiar with the tantalising aroma. Apply up to 3 times a day, anytime of the day by massaging the balm into the paw pads, ears, tummy and nose for the calming properties to work. we recommend applying every evening as your dog winds down for bedtime.
Why have we chosen this fragrance combination?
A new study conducted by a team of British researchers decided to study whether essential oils could reduce stress and improve the welfare of dogs in shelters. They concluded that exposure to the odours of vanilla, coconut, valerian, and ginger has the potential to reduce stress in shelter dogs. The odours proved to have significant positive effects on stress indicators in the dogs. vanilla, coconut, valerian, ginger essential oils applied to dog toys led to lower levels of vocalizing (such as barking, growling, or whining) as well as less time spent pacing or moving during exposure to the oils, and more time resting. During exposure to the coconut and ginger samples, the dogs spent an increased amount of time sleeping. (By board-certified veterinary behaviourists)
Conduct your own experiment!
-Apply the balm directly to your dog’s bedding or a comforting toy for them to sniff during stressful times.
-Apply the balm to a bandana; Let your dog sniff the bandana. If they respond positively, tie the bandana around her neck. She might bark less or even settle down for a snooze.
-The ear touch is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. There are many acupuncture points and nerves in the ear, which when stimulated extend to their internal organs and release endorphins, combined with our balm this will heighten the sensation for your dog. The ear touch is particularly important in cases of emergency and shock. This touch helps induce relaxation and send relaxing impulses through their bodies giving a natural high whilst improving digestion, fatigue and car sickness.

30ml Handy Pocket size tin great for travel - 100% Natural - Lick safe – No Parabens – No SLS – Palm Oil Free – Cruelty Free – Hand Made
Made from:
Coconut Fragrance Oil, Valarian Essential Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Ginger Root Oil, Vanilla Essence, benzyl salicylate, Organic benzyl benzoate