Pack of Proud Pooches Mug. Dog mug made in UK by Mary Kilvert. China mug for dog lovers
Mary Kilvert Pack of Proud Pooches Mug. Dog themed mug made in UK. Bright and cheerful mug for dog lovers. Handmade dog themed mug

Pack of Proud Pooches Mug

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This colourful illustrated mug is the perfect way for any dog lover to enjoy their cuppa.

Made in the UK by Mary Kilvert, the variety of our favourite breeds on this Pack of Pooches mug make it a great gift for an owner of any type of dog. 

This high quality mug is dishwasher safe, and will be shipped in protective packaging to facilitate a safe arrival to your kitchen!

 Height: 8.5cm. Diameter: 7.5cm.

Holds 9 fluid ounces of liquid.