Katy Ferrari Mother's Day Pug Mug featuring wrap around text and pug illustration
High quality mum pug mug from UK designer Katy Ferrari with text and illustration against a white background
Mother's Day Pug Mug from high quality UK designer Katy Ferrari
Pug themed Mum Mug Katy Ferrari Mother's Day Mug

Mum Pug Mug

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This mug is the perfect gift to give any Pug loving mother!

This beautiful 10oz white ceramic mug from Katy Ferrari features a lovely wrap around Pug illustration and the word "Mum". Perfect for Mother's Day but also for any time of year when you want to treat your mum!

Katy Ferrari uses the highest quality inks and digital sublimation printing to ensure vibrant, rich, scratchproof and dishwasher safe colours, meaning this is a gift that will last a long time looking beautiful on the kitchen side. It is also microwave safe.

It measures 8cm in diameter and is 9.2cm tall (3.2" x 3.6").