My Adorable Friend

Dog Shampoo Soap Bar. 100% Organic Coconut Oil with Rose petals, mallow flowers and violet leaves Vegan


Dog Shampoo Bar. 100% Organic Coconut Oil. Vegan No added Fragrance. Handmade with Love. Made by the family of the famous Imperial Leather and Cussons soaps.

Coconut oil is abundant in antioxidants and micronutrients including vitamins B, C and E which help maintain both healthy skin and coat.

Coconut oil also contains a large amount of Caprylic, Capric and Luaric acids
which act as anti-microbial agents fighting against viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast
infection, gently helping to keep your Adorable Friend’s skin and cot healthy and in
tip - top condition.

Rose petals are incredibly hydrating to the skin and fur. They also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your fur babies fur shiny and healthy. Mallow flowers naturally contain mucilage which gives soothing and softening properties to both skin and fur. The latin name for mallow is Malva which means soft or capable of softening. It enhances elasticity of hair. The violet leaves have cleansing and anti - inflammatory properties a benefit to your fur babies fur and skin. Rose geranium essential oil has a sweet smell which is also an insecticide it is said to repel ticks and even soothe anxiety.    

The scent of rose geranium, helps to keep your pooch beautiful and loved.