Poppy & Rufus

Poop Bags Holder

  • Stylish Lola poop bag holder that attaches onto any lead – a life-saver for any forgetful dog owner!

  • Say goodbye to doggie bags in every coat and bag pocket

  • Easy wipe clean

  • Cotton lining

  • 5 designs to choose from!

Don’t get caught short! Never forget a poop bag again with a Lola on your lead, every dog-owners ‘must-have’ essential.

This holder’s strong, elastic fastener fixes onto any shaped lead handle or strap so you have poop bags to hand wherever you go.

The Lola poop bag holder has a wipe-clean oilcloth outer, which comes in our own five unique designs and is beautifully lined in contrasting cotton poplin.

There are no fiddly fastenings so poop bags are easy to access. This holder can store individual bags or a roll (so you definitely won’t run out on a walk!)

Handmade in the UK, exclusively for Poppy & Rufus

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