Poppy & Rufus

Welly Bag

Keep your house or car looking tidy with this compact welly bag. Lightweight and sturdy at the same time
  • Waterproof – easy wipe clean

  • Oilcloth exterior: Wipe clean only with mild detergent.
  • Nylon lining: Wash with cloth and hot, soapy water
  • External pocket; Optional lid

  • Folds down flat for easy storage

  • 3 designs to choose from!

  • Bag measures H: 40 cm x W: 30 cm x L: 45 cm.
    Pocket: H: 30 cm x W: 30 cm

Poppy and Rufus' Buster Welly Bag is a perfect way to instantly tidy and smarten your doorstep, hallway, car boot, or wherever else your wellies seem to appear!

This Welly Bag is lined with strong, waterproof nylon which facilitates easy cleaning. It has 2 woven lined webbing handles allowing ease of transportation, and it also features an external pocket which is a great place to store a towel. The drawstring lining pulls up into a lid should you need it.

The oilcloth outer comes in a choice of Poppy and Rufus' 3 exclusive designs: Poppy, Rufus, and Leaf. Just choose your preferred design with the selection boxes.

If you need to put it away, it folds down flat to save space, and can also fold down for stability or extend for maximum storage. 

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