Dog Travel Made Easy this Christmas

The cousins, the parents, the grandparents - there's always someone to visit at Christmas, which normally means your dog spending a few hours in the car, because what Christmas gathering would be complete without the dog? We've got some handy travel accessories to make the journeys easier for you and comfier for your dog so everyone should be in a great, festive mood by the time they arrive. 

 Two Dachshunds wearing Santa hat and reindeer headwear

Poppy & Rufus are great for all things travel-related, so make sure to have a browse of all their dog-themed products. Have a look at their lifesaving Travel Food Bowl (£85) and Microfibre Travel Towel (£18) to keep your dog full and cosy and dry on long journeys. 

 To keep all your dog's things (and your own) together, have a look at their sturdy, showerproof Waxed Cotton Walking Bag (£45) too.

waxed cotton walking bag

Slumbering Hound have got a fabulous Water Resistant Dog Mat £40, which you can put in the boot of your car or inside/outside the home that you're visiting, which saves you taking your dog's whole bed along for the ride.

Dog lying on stripy water resistant mat

For you or a friend whilst you're on the go, take a glance at our Scott Inness Scottie Dog Thermal Travel Mug (£12) and Katie Ferrari's enchanting Pocket Mirrors (£5), just what you need to keep you going on a long journey and to make sure you're looking great when you arrive.

Pink and Blue thermal travel mug with pink Scottie dog

Any of these items are amazing additions to trips you'll make with your dog this Christmas - they should make your life easier and their lovely, contemporary designs will bring some extra joy on days you'll be travelling to see loved ones.


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